Sunday, July 29, 2012

New projects...

I love giving handmade gifts. So if you're my friend/relative and you will be celebrating your birthday soon..expect a "made by hand, made with love" gift from me! ;) I really like the process of thinking what to make! 

Here are some of the handmade gifts  I made recently..

jewelry box


bag tag


Another project I finished last week is a necklace and cuff set.  I think of all the accessories I've created..this set is my most favorite! I am really proud of this one! It took me 3 days to finish it and with lots of baking in between. I promised myself to make more pieces like these and with each piece that I make..the better it will be! My next goal is to make a very, very clean back for the necklace. 

I made the base of the necklace using armature wire. Here's how it looked like before I covered it with clay. 

And here's the set..

I already have another design in mind but I will just finish some custom orders before I start working on the next set. I think working without a sketch of the design works well for me! haha So for the next one, I will just let my fingers do the thinking ;D 

Monday mayhem!! I hope your first day of the week is going smoothly. Have a good week everyone! 


  1. pretty projects rocky!

  2. The last piece is great! I love that you mixed seed beads in. Come check out my blog too.