Friday, June 29, 2012

The hardest part..

Assembling the elements/materials that I have/made is the hardest part for me! Sometimes I just go blank and no matter what I add/turn/ just doesn't work. I sent the pic of the necklace to my client and then deleted the message because I think there's something wrong with the design. I thought she didn't see the pic, so I disassembled the necklace and tried to make another design. I think I changed it about 5 times!! But it turns out that my client already so the pic before I deleted it and she said that she loved what she saw! So....I just put them all back together again using the first combination. haha! 

Here are the flowers I made for the statement necklace..

 This is what I came up with..

After you put out all your containers of beads and findings while looking for the right have to put them back and clean up!! Another hard task! haha:) But it's all worth it because you know that your client loved what you made! 

I also made these animal lockets. Making them gives me so much joy! 

 School holidays for us here in Sydney...2 weeks of rest before term 3 starts again!:)
 Happy Weekend!


  1. Wow,I am not surprised your client loved the necklace.
    I love your cute little animals especially the green fellow with the pink flower!

  2. Hi Jackie!! Thank you! She is also my favorite! :) haha Thanks for visiting my blog!