Saturday, June 2, 2012

Been a long time..

Whaaat?!?! I haven't written anything here for almost a month!! Time really flies so fast. I was really busy finishing orders, making projects and taking care of my family. I woke up early and checked out my blog and was so surprised that my last entry was in May! So here I am trying to make it up to my blog! Hello blogger, nice to see you again! haha :D

For the past month, I've been really addicted to using the UV resin gloss I bought. I kept on thinking of so many things to mix with it! It is really very easy to use and I already bought my own UV lamp for curing it. It's so hard to just wait for the sun to shine just to cure it, esp. now that winter is coming. So far, most of the lockets I made with it  were easily sold. So I think, I will be making more! Here are some accessories I made with the gloss..



And I used it on the tummy of this doll locket! :)

I had this pocket watch base for the longest time. I still didn't know what to do with it. It was from a pocket watch that I disassembled because I used the cover as a mold. I found it again while going through my stash of recyclables! I thought of a romantic design for it. So here it is..I called it "Dance like no one is watching" ..

I will be listing this soon in my etsy shop:)
I also made my first doll locket keychain! A client requested for this design and I was very happy to make it for her! She also asked me if I can put a cute heart inside. She will be going overseas and she wants to give this keepsake to her best friend. Here it is..

I think I'm getting the right shape already for this doll lockets. An "egg-shape" does really make them cuter and more adorable! haha

here's the heart inside! :)
I will be starting on more new doll lockets that I will sending to the Philippines. So another busy month for me. Wish me luck! 

How about you? What are you up to now with your crafting or claying?:) 

Have a happy weekend! Liam and I will just be spending our day at home...wishing daddy will be home soon. 


  1. Super lovely! Well really, anything that you get your hands to will 100% turn out to be so beautiful.

    Can you do another workshop with me on those lockets and UV projects, online? haha.

    I miss you so much! Hope you, Marlon & Liam are all doing well. You promise we'll eat out when you get back for a visit -- I'm still counting on that, haha. I really miss you!

  2. Thank you peachy!! sure tara! ws tayo via skype! haha:)

    yes definitely, we'll eat out when we visit:) I miss you too! hugs to pm and regards to paul:)