Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy, busy...

I've been busy these past few days making new stuff and completing some custom orders. I really love the thrill of experimenting and thinking of new designs! Recently, I've been playing with  the Lisa Pavelka Gloss I bought months ago. I used it with clay a couple of times already.  And then I thought of using it without clay and try mixing it up with the charms, rhinestones and watch gears that I haven't played with for so long and are left untouched in their plastic boxes.  I had so much fun and I really looooved how they turned out!!! Here are the lockets plus a pair of earrings I made..

I also made another animal locket. I already tried making an elephant twice. But the ears and trunk weren't that strong and fell off. Oh poor Elephant! haha So, a dear friend named, Oshee taught me how to make it stronger by adding wires inside! Now, I'm happy as a bee because finally I made a very strong "ear-d" and strong "trunk-d" Elephant! yey!! 

 I also made new russian doll lockets.

This is my WIP now...already baked and ready to be turned into something Swellegant. haha:) 

I'm hoping for good weather again tomorrow so that I can start taking good pictues of the new stuff. They will all be listed soon in my Etsy shop! Good night everyone! 


  1. love your lockets as usual rocky :) the elephant is such a cutie!

  2. Thank you ling for visiting my blog!! hope all's well with you and baby zoe!!:)