Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Turtle, Bee and Stained Glass Cuff...

Finally, I made two new animal lockets! A turtle and a bee! 

Thank you again to hubby for taking the pics. :) I will be listing them soon in my Etsy shop! 

 I also finished a custom order...another stained glass cuff!! Making it was quite a challenge! It went in the oven 3 times. Applying the fimo deco gel (and letting it dry using the heat gun) took me an hour. After applying the metal coating, I need to wait for 72 hours for it to completely dry. So after 3-4 days, finally ...I finished it! haha Here it is..

I hope my client will love it!:) 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


  1. Wow what a simply gorgeous stained glass cuff and I do love the little bee and turtle what a nice idea I really like how they open, well done!
    I am haveing a give Away on my blog you would be most welcome to pop along when you get a minute.

  2. Wow - love those lockets. That cuff bracelet is amazing! Love it!!!

  3. thank you jackie!!:) I will surely pop along your blog!! want to join your giveaway! thanks again for the visit!:D

  4. thank you EB bead and Metal Works!!:)