Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Productive Wednesday..

I made lots of new stuff today. I will be listing them tomorrow in my etsy shop! 

Hope you like what I made today..

Used my clay scraps and came up with a pendant. Still not yet baked in this pic. I will be sharing with you tom what it looks like after applying paints. I made another one with violet/green/blue shades.

Finally, I made use of this lovely filigree. I attached sparkly Swarovski beads to it. :)

I really love how this necklace turned out. It really takes time to put these elements together. 

First time to make something like this. :)

Lovely purple earrings. I think I'll be coming up with more in different colors. 

I also loved how these two pendants turned out. I had a hard time thinking of how to string them but when I tried on the simple gold chains on fit perfectly! Simple and sweet! 

More pics in my Facebook page. 

I hope you also had a productive day today! 

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