Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pendant Tray..

I decided not to show you the pendants I made using my scrap clays. I'm not happy with how they turned out:( To make up for it..I made something else. 

I bought this pendant trays from a shop in Etsy. They are really beautiful and they come all the way from Thailand! First look at them and I knew what to do with each. I got 3 silver trays and 3 gold ones:) Only problem  is you can't bake them with clay because the cover is made of plastic. 

So I experimented and thought of ways on how I can put my polymer clay designs inside. I said hello to my LP gloss again and got some clay flowers I made before, used some acrylic pearls and added some metal and plastic flowers.  Arranged them a bit and let it sit under the sun for a few minutes so that the gloss will harden. And TA-DAH..finished! Here it is..

The flowers look like their floating inside! I love it!

Isn't it nice? :) I plan to make more clay flowers using the canes I made, add leaves and then arrange them to make a mini garden! So excited to try it again!

I also made an Air Balloon Ring (makes me think of the Disney movie UP!) and a heart pendant (that looks like a tattoo!). I'm coming up with more heart themed designs for Valentine's. Less than a month to go!

More pics in my FB page.

New ones will be listed soon in my Etsy Shop!:)

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