Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Component Flower Cane..

For this month's challenge, I planned to try Donna Kato's Component Flower Cane Technique. You can read about this in her book The Art of Polymer Clay-Millefiori Technique. 

It's putting together different kinds of canes to form an image. It's like painting with clay!

I'm not really very good in making polymer clay canes but I think I'm getting the hang of it! I'm beginning to enjoy it now :D

I didn't have time to take pictures of all the designs I made today. I made lockets and a cuff. So I'll just give you a sneak peek of what I'm going to post tom. This is a compact mirror I made for myself. :) 

I really love this technique!! Pls. watch out for the other designs I made:) 

Have a good night everyone! 

A year older again today! Just thankful for all the blessings and the wonderful greetings I received today!:) 

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  1. Great work as always Rocky! Happy birthday too! I hope that you had a wonderful celebration :)