Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Tile, New Materials..

I've been wanting to change my  small tile with a much wider one because it was really hard working on it. Ang sikip! haha! For me,  I find it a lot easier to work with clay when I use a tile as my  table compared to using a table with a glass or plastic top. Clean up and cutting is easier. So yesterday...together with hubby and Liam..we went around to look for the perfect sized tile. So glad I found one!  

yey! bigger space!
A very nice day today! Sun is shining brightly, so I made something using LP gloss. I made a steampunk locket and dangles for a steampunk earring. 

I just bought these new materials. I just can't wait to use them. What do you think will my next project be? :) 

Going to Melbourne this wednesday! Excited to go around with my family! A few days to relax before school starts again. Here's wishing you a wonderful week!! 

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