Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Projects..

I disassembled the necklace that I wore to a wedding  last month. 

One of the flowers, I changed into a brooch. As for the other one, still not sure what to do with it. The small ones, I used for a bracelet. Here they are: 

Funny but I find making a pair of earrings very hard! I tried to make four pairs but sadly I ended up just making two simple ones. Here they are: 

I will be listing them soon in  my Etsy shop!:)

Have a good Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Has hecho unos trabajos maravillosos, me gusta mucho mas los que has hecho que el collar original. Besos

  2. What a lot of good ideas! I particularly like the bracelet very nice.

  3. Gracias Maria!:)

    Thank you BluMoon!!:)