Monday, March 14, 2011

Compact Mirror

I made this as a gift for Liam's teacher :) I experimented a bit and made my own mold for the flowers. I followed Donna Kato's tutorial found in her book Creative Surface Techniques. The look that I wanted to achieve was "Bas Relief" but obviously I didn't achieve it!! hahaha I think i made the flowers too thick! :) I enjoyed making the mold though. I plan to make more molds soon!

Here are pics of the project..

I made a clay flower first and after baking I pressed scrap clay (that I passed through the pasta machine using the thickest setting and then folded it into two) onto the flower to make this..

:) It's a very nice technique! Now I can use this mold over and over again. So many designs that I have in mind..hopefully I can make some more soon..

Here's the mirror..where I used the flower mold..

I think I should have used my matte varnish instead of the glossy one.:(

Last Saturday, I got these!!! (thanks so so so much to hubby for going with me!)

Steampunk push molds! so cool! I saw these at Lisa Pavelka's blog! I wished and hoped that some online shop will purchase them..and I'm really so happy that Beadlady Craft Cafe are selling it! I can't wait to try them. I love the details on each mold!

Silicon for making detailed push molds. I have to use this soon before the expiry date:) I'm just choosing what charms and cameos to use. I'm also hoping that I'll get the mixing right!

Saturday also was a picnic day for us. Liam was the one who asked us to have the instant picnic! He enjoyed it a lot and didn't want it to end! I think we're going to have more picnics this summer vacation! I love this pic! Next time Daddy should be infront of the camera and not behind it. hahaha:)

It's going to be a very busy week..Liam's "Moving Up" program this saturday! I can't wait to see him in his pig costume! haha:)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. love your picture ms rocky..liam is really big na....cant wait to see you again my mentor for another round of learning...i do that ms rocky the molding using scrap clay :)sepcially for bulk orders..hava a great summer ahead.. :)

  2. love your picture ms rocky... san yan makapagpicnic din dyan with my family... :)

  3. Thanks cherry and daisy!

    Yes,ok nga sya gawin esp for bulk orders!:) hope to see you again soon cherry:)

    Daisy, yung picnic place is just the gardenin our village hehe:)