Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to the Shadow box..

I was supposed to share with you my progress in making the shadow box..but i didn't have the time to blog right away. :(

On tuesday, I covered the inside of the box with clay. I just didn't want to paint it because I want the background to have a nice texture. It would also be easier for me to attach the clay Mother Mary, Jesus and flowers to it. It looked like this..

I used stamps to put texture on the clay. From blah to.....
...Wow! hahaha:) Look how Pearl Ex and Beadlady Sparklers can do!!! They can really add life and dimension! :)

I just have to check how it will look like with the far....the colors matched! yey!

I forgot to take pics of it while I make the images and flowers:( Anyway, I took this pic after i finished baking it. I removed the clay from the box and colored the sides with acrylic paint.

After the sides was time to put the box together again and glue everything!

Now..time to show you what i made! Next post pls...

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