Monday, March 27, 2017

Time to clay and garden...

     I found some time to clay again and I already fixed my schedule. It's house work in the morning then claying in the afternoon. It's easier for me to work in the garden when Austin's awake compared to claying in the craft room. When he's with  me while I'm claying, it is just chaos!! haha He opens all my boxes not just the ones with big items he can play with but he targets the ones with small beads that are really hard to fix after.  But when I'm working out in the garden, he just stays beside me and plays with whatever rock, plant or worm (?!) he finds. He sleeps in the afternoon now after we pick up my eldest so it's perfect timing! I can clay all I want while  he is asleep and I can also help my other son do his homework without someone getting the pencil that he's writing with. :)

     Here are some of the new jewellery I made. Mostly earrings because I am still working on new necklaces and lockets. If you fancy a pair, they are listed in my etsy shop already.  Here's the link to my etsy:

     The hubby and I have been busy fixing the front lawn. In my last post, I shared to you about the middle part of it and during that time we still didn't know what to do with it.  We finally decided to plant a cycad (low maintenance and easy to grow) and add some rocks to the side of it. Here are the before and after photos.
    Yesterday, the cat who frequents are front lawn decided to grace it with it's presence! It decided to poo there. LOL!

    That's it for now. I hope you had a good month. It's going to be April soon and school holidays are a few weeks away. Until my next post! :)

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