Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Baptismal Gift...

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone had a very solemn and relaxed holy week. We just stayed at home because it was a very rainy Friday and Saturday. But thank God, it was a sunny Sunday! It was a Happy Easter indeed. :) 

I wasn't able to make two jewelry pieces this week because I had to finish a baptismal gift. I decided to make a personalized picture frame. I was supposed to use air dry clay for the letters of her name but when I was trying to position the letters on the frame, they didn't look nice. So at the last minute (as in the night before! haha!), I gave up and just used polymer clay. No regrets because it came out just the way I pictured it. 

Here are the details of the frame:

the meaning of Eunah

added some details at the sides of the frame using a stamp and acrylic paint

used the martha stewart letter push mould for the name

I love seeing the styled photos in instagram and decided to try it out. This is what I came up with. I think I will do this  with the new pieces that I will be posting. 
 For this coming week, I will work on two new pieces and a family portrait. I hope my two boys will let me finish something haha! Wishing you a good week ahead!:)

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