Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding and a Surprise..

For the past 3 weeks, I was busy making stuff for an upcoming wedding. It was my first time to make a ring plate and a wedding cake topper! Making the topper was really a challenge but I had fun. As for the ring plate, I followed a tutorial that my brother sent to me and just added my own touch to it. I also made a brooch for the bride that she will pair with her faux fur shawl. Here are the things I made...

A lovely SURPRISE came in the mail!!! Look at these cuties!! A clayist friend from the Philippines sent this to me. Thank you so much Rochelle Diccion! She make lovely clay dolls that we call Osheekoshee dolls. I will treasure them forever! I hope that the next time you'll be here in Oz, we'll get to see each other already. 

What a good way to end a very tiring week! Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. aww so nice rocky! did you make the whole ring plate out of clay? i can never get my white clay to look that clean hehe :)