Thursday, June 16, 2011

a letter to mr. pc..

From the very first time I laid my hands on was like magic! I really love how you can turn into anything i want. At times, you are very hard to control but once i get to soften give in easily and follow what i have in mind.

It's also fun to see lots of people come together because of you and it's also heartbreaking when I see friendships and connections crumble because of you.

It also breaks my spirit when I see people use their knowledge about you to feel so proud of themselves that they don't know that they are already stepping on others. These people also think that the achievements that they got because of this knowledge make them indestructible!

It really saddens me....deeply.

I just want to tell you these things because you don't need to be treated this way.

I wish people will come together in your name with these goals in make lasting friendships based on their love for you, to make you more known to others and make you the most sought after art medium!

I think that would be really, really nice!

It's so silly of me to write you a letter but I really have to let you know the things bothering me that concerns you.

I wish people will be enlightened by this nonsense letter:)

I hope that they will fully understand that you are here as a medium to make people closer and not divide them.

Goodbye mr. pc and ill see you in august!

I can't wait to make new stuff with you again! New designs inspired by the new place that i'll be discovering!

here's looking forward to many, many more claying years with you! :)



  1. I will miss you so much Rocky! May God continue to bless your good heart and your family. Wwwwaaaaaa, nakakalungkot talaga. I thank God for giving me such a wondeful teacher and friend. May you continue to inspire people with your generosity and kindness. Thank you for the friendship and for the love + the guidance/time you have showered me in and out of claying. I thank God for you.

    Pls keep in touch. I love you Rocky and I am so happy for you and your family.
    Muah! Bon Voyage!

  2. i'll miss you too! sayang that we only got to know each other just a few months before kayo umalis, pero hindi na ako magdadrama kasi alam kong magkikita pa tayo ulit :)-- kasama ka peach! ingat rocky! God bless you and your wonderful, wonderful family! :*

  3. I am super blessed to have you and Jen as friends. Love na love ku kaung 2 Ü